Attention: Location change

YMCA will be closed on Easter Sunday, March 31st
Christians in Honesdale will be meeing at
The Park Hotel
119 9th Street, Unit # 2
(first floor, next to rear exit door through the lobby)

Schedule Change for Sunday, April 9th Only

Due to the YMCA closing this Sunday only, we will not be meeting in person at our normal time.
You can join us online at 9:00am for today's worship service and 10:00am for Bible Study.
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Join us Online in our Weekly Bible Study

Every Monday @ 7:00pm. Click the button below to join in the study.
Our current study is titled:
"Why Do We Have These 27 Books in our New Testament Canon?"

About Christians in Honesdale

We belong to the One who made us and purchased us with the precious life of His Son, Jesus the Christ. We join together as a local church committed to glorifying God, supporting each other, serving all peoples through the gospel, and living joyfully because of His grace.

Our objective in our worship and our interaction in the Scriptures:
to be pleasing to God and beneficial to each other.
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