Is the Bible relevant in the 21st century?
By Don Bunting
Critics of the Bible question the relevance of a book as old as the Bible.  How can it offer real solutions in our complicated time?  I like to keep things simple.  Consider one short, simple book in the New Testament:  The Epistle (Letter) of James.

For people in trials and troubles, James suggests positively embracing hardship as a means of growth and strength, adding a call for wisdom (James 1).  Just reading the Bible or following rituals is not true spirituality or religion.  Rather, there is a call to:  doing the word, exhibiting self-control and showing generosity to the helpless. (James 1).

James condemns any expression of prejudice or partiality toward people and calls for an expression of faith by actually doing the will of God. (James 2).  

Chapter 3 urges  people to get control of their speech.  The effects of our words are both far-reaching, devastating and destructive.  True wisdom from God is expressed in gentleness, mercy and humility.  Godly speech expresses these righteous qualities.

James warns against a proud, aggressive, selfish attitude that creates and promotes strife and conflict.  Humility will cure the destructive attitudes and behaviors in our generation. (James 4).

A greedy focus on money and material possessions will corrupt.  That corruption is evident in our society.  Rather, there needs to be a care for other people, materially and spiritually.  (James 5).

I can see how our world can benefit greatly by the attitudes and conduct called for in this short letter from the Lord.  If these things were the rule of our day, our day would be so much better!  Let us begin this reformation in our own lives.  Yes, it's relevant!  

May God bless you in your search for His Truth.